Photo Album
First Haircut & Halloween 2006
Summer 2006
My Baptism in KC
My First Easter
April 2006
1st Quarter 2006
Holidays 2005
Weeks 14 to 15
Weeks 10 to 13
Weeks Eight & Nine
Week Seven
Week Six
Week Five
Week Four
Week Three
Week Two
Week One
First Weekend
Going Home

Most of these photos are available in a larger format.  If you want a copy to print, e-mail my dad and he will send you the files via e-mail.


If you cannot print your own pictures, you can beg my dad to print them for you.


From this page you can click on various pages in my photo album. 

  • If you are in one of these pictures and do not like it, just tell my dad and he will crop you out. :-)


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