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It didn't take me long to learn that
Grandparents and Great-Grandparents
are the best!!!

Grandmom Marlene and Grandpa Michael

Grandma Gloria

Granddad Fred and Nana Sue

Great Grandparents in Kansas City



I am one lucky little boy.  I have two great families that love me and I have already met several of them.

Of course, I love my Mom (Hilary)

and my Dad (Todd).

On my very first day, I met my Grandma Gloria

my Aunt Leslie ,

my Uncle Alan

and my big cousin Caroline  .

And then, over the next nine days I met my Grandmom Marlene ,

my dad's Uncle Dennis

and Aunt Faith
My dad's Cousin Melissa also came over to see me.

Right before I turned three months old, Granddad Fred and Nana Sue came to visit from Kansas City.

I have learned that my Uncle Scott is nuts... but man was he fun.    Thanks for stopping in Uncle Scott!

I took my first plane ride in December to Kansas City to meet so many relatives.

My Grandpa Michael (and Buster, the cat)

My Great-Grandmom and Great-Granddad

My cousins: Hunter , and Ragan (Paxton and Claudia couldn't come because Paxton had a gymnastic meet, where she got first place).

My Great-Aunts: Laura Lee and Lou Ann

My dad's cousins, Erik and Shannon .

While I was in Kansas City, we celebrated Nana Sue's 60th Birthday, so we also got to see Great-Uncle Rodney and Roberta. .

Then for Christmas, I took my first train ride to New York City to meet Uncle Gordon , Aunt Karen and cousins Gordon and Helen .

Now, I am looking forward to my baptism in May, when I hope to meet the rest of my uncles, aunts and cousins across the country from Dodge City to Seattle.

If you are my relative and want to have your photo on this page, send an electronic version to my dad.

This page has way too many little boxes for information.... I don't know what to say here.  Oh, I know, here is a picture of my dog, Bella (13 yrs old).  She loves me too.


"Woof", tail-wagging
and a lick!

7/31/05 - Bella

(Translation: I like Cooper, he tastes good.)

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