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Friends and Family can register with to help save money for my college education.  Dad started my account in 2001 knowing I would get here someday.

Zodiac Sign - Leo

Chinese Year of the Rooster

On My Birthday:

The Discovery Space Shuttle docked with the International Space Station.

I share my birthday with
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (1929)
and Beatrix Potter (1866)







Come on... did you really expect anything less from my father than a site of my own?

Welcome to!  Please don't send me e-mail for another few years.  Send it to my mom or dad, they will read it to me.  I don't know how they will make it into a chewable board book with pretty, colorful pictures, but that is their problem.

Here are a few facts about me:

I was born on July 28, 2005 at 4:41pm at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital.  I didn't get a chance to personally thank Nurse Heather or Dr. Solos-Kountouris.  After a couple weeks, I have forgiven them for that first day and understand they were just doing what Mom and Dad wanted them to do.  So, thank you for helping me into the world (and covering up my swollen head for the early pictures).  I was due on August 3rd, but I was pushed/pulled out early.

When I was born, I weighed 7 lbs, 9oz and measured 20.25" in length.  My dad said to mention that my head size was normal (especially after the swelling caused by delivery went down).

15-Month Update - LOTS OF NEW PHOTOS!

2-MONTH UPDATE: Okay, I went in for my 2-month "well-baby checkup".  I fully admit, I was a very "well-baby" before I went in and before they jabbed my thigh with four needles full of vaccines.  Sheesh!  I guess I was "too well" and needed to do a little screaming.  I complied.  The doctor was, shall we say, astounded by my growth.  According to the doctor's measurements, I am now 15lbs and 22.5" long.  The length (according to the baby growth charts and percentiles) puts me just under the 50th percentile.  However, not wanting to appear an under-achiever, my weight is apparently off the charts, coming in over the 95th percentile.  Hey, Coach Gibbs, I should be ready to play for the Redskins by the end of the season assuming you make the playoffs, although the Chiefs may need me more with Willie Roaf hurt.  Mom thinks I am due for a growth spurt (length-wise).  Dad is planning to install a rack in my crib to stretch me out. (Just kidding!)

8-MONTH UPDATE: The holidays are behind me and my growth rate has leveled off at around 21lbs and I am stretching a bit.  I am eating solid foods (love the veggies.. how weird is that?). I am a "commando-crawling" fool and love every "toy" that is not a toy (Bella's water dish, power cords, Mommy's cooking utensils, Dad's blackberry and remote controls, etc.).  I have been on my first plane-ride and train-ride.  I do not have any teeth, my hair is blond and sparse, and much to Mommy's chagrin, I am beginning to pull up on things.

For the most part, this site is just a place for my dad to post pictures of me for my grandparents.  Mom made him promise that he would take as many pictures of any future brothers and sisters. 

Enjoy!  Oh, and let me know what you thought of the site, by signing my guest book.

Here is a list of teams I hope to play for someday...

  • Baseball - Washington Nationals (Go Nats!) and the Potomac Nationals (Go P-Nats!).
  • Football - Washington Redskins (Go Skins!) and in the AFC I am forced to watch the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Hockey - Washington Capitals (Go Caps!), but my favorite player is Stevie Y!
  • Basketball - Washington Wizards (Go 'Zards!) (and during March Madness 2006... the GMU Patriots and Georgetown Hoyas)
  • Soccer - oh, please... I don't even acknowledge the existence of that "sport".  ;-)

To contact my parents you can send e-mail to:
todd@ or hilary@


Yes, there has been an update!

On The Day
Before I Was Born
(July 27. 2005)
Mom and Dad told me that on the evening before I was born, they were out shopping for baby care books and as they walked back to their car they saw a double rainbow in the storm clouds that had just passed, breaking a long heat wave.

My name is
Graham Cooper Huse...
but you can call me "Cooper"

Cooper's your buddy, Cooper's your pal...

"Squeak" - 7/31/05
(20 minutes later)
"Burp" - 8/1/05 2:30pm

I have asked my father to only quote the sounds that come out of my mouth.



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